Duński system mebli modułowych, sklepowych, systemowych do domu, biura, sklepu, aranżacji i jako stoisko targowe.
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GRID (www.gridsystem.dk) is a Danish modular furniture system that offers endless possibilities. You can create not only almost any piece of furniture (for example cupboard, seat or table) but also multifunctional exhibition stand or art installation.

This unique concept by Peter J. Lassen (founder of Montana Group) is based on a single cube. GRID modules can be mounted together and, combined with additional elements, can be used to create both simple furniture as well as complex displays systems.

Strong construction made of nylon with fiberglass is available in stadard size 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm in white and black.

Shelves, tops, sides, doors, drawers, or upholstered seats make the GRID flexible and practical solution for any space.

Full list of available accessories is here